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The Wizard of Oz and Age of Ultron Mashup

The Wizard of Oz and Age of Ultron Mashup is our vid of the day

The Wizard of Oz and Age of Ultron Mashup: We LOVE this short video by Australian visual effects artist Darren Wallace, who has put together this awesome The Wizard of Oz and Age of Ultron Mashup. It’s a must-watch – so clever!

The Wizard of Oz and Age of Ultron MashupThe Wizard of Oz and Age of Ultron Mashup 2The Wizard of Oz and Age of Ultron Mashup 3

Shawn Huckins – Hipsters Be Like

Shawn Huckins recreates 19th century paintings with a social media edge

Shawn Huckins: Check out this series by American artist Shawn Huckins, who, with acrylic paint, reproduces great pieces of American painting from the 19th century and superimposes oversized white lettering inspired by modern social media and text messaging jargon. For many more, pay a visit to Shawn’s website. Love it! 🙂

Shawn-Huckins-15 Shawn-Huckins-8 Shawn-Huckins-3 Shawn-Huckins-5 Shawn-Huckins-16 Shawn-Huckins-26 Shawn-Huckins-21 Shawn-Huckins-4 Shawn-Huckins-23 Shawn-Huckins-29 Shawn-Huckins-27 Shawn-Huckins-2 Shawn-Huckins-7 Shawn-Huckins-6 Shawn-Huckins-9 Shawn-Huckins-10 Shawn-Huckins-13 Shawn-Huckins-20 Shawn-Huckins-24 Shawn-Huckins-25 Shawn-Huckins-28 Shawn-Huckins-30 Shawn-Huckins-31

Roisin Hahessy – What an Idiom!

Roisin Hahessy explains English idioms with cute & funny illustrations

Roisin Hahessy: We love these original and funny illustrations explaining English expressions – ‘idioms’ – by Roisin Hahessy, an illustrator who also currently teaches English in Brazil. A very cute and quirky way to understand the hidden meaning of idioms. To enjoy more artwork from Roisin Hahessy, we highly recommend a visit to her website. Enjoy – Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂

Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-7 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-9 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-10 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-6 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-1 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-2 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-3 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-4 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-5 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-8

Hoverboard is Happening!!

Hoverboard, the flying skateboard, from 'Back to the Future II' is being developed by Lexus

Hoverboard: If you are anything like us, you have been patiently waiting for this legendary flying skateboard since you first saw ‘Back to the Future II’ many moons ago. Well, peeps, the wait might be over as it seems via the Lexus SLIDE project, Japanese designer Haruhiko Tanahashi has created the first real hoverboard. However…although what we see on the Lexus website is beautiful, and apparently usable, we can’t get too ahead of ourselves – this prototype currently uses superconductivity via magnets and liquid nitrogen in order to fly above a metal plate 🙁 So don’t expect to be flying around the streets hooked to the back of a futuristic car just yet…but we’re getting there! YES, YES, YES!!!

lexus-hoverboard-top lexus 5 lexus 7 lexus 4 lexus 6

Sacha Goldberger – ‘Family Portrait’

Sacha Goldberger blends pop culture, superheroes & classical Flemish painting

Sacha Goldberger: A continuation of his 2014 ‘Super Flemish’ series, ‘Family Portrait’ is a new photo series by talented French photographer Sacha Goldberger who mixes pop culture, superheroes, Flemish painting and the Elizabethan era to create these unique family portraits, featuring awesome vintage versions of Wolverine, Captain America, Han Solo, Hulk, Wonder Woman, the Joker, Batman and so on. The full collection of photos are available to view on Sacha Goldberger’s website and Facebook page. We LOVE it! 🙂

Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-1 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-7 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-12 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-9 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-2 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-4 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-3 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-11 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-5 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-8 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-6 Super-Flemish-Family-Sacha-Goldberger-10

Strokemon – Our WTF of the Day

Strokemon, the 'Pokemon' porn parody, is simply terrifying!

Strokemon: There are times in life when even WTF is not enough! Presenting ‘Strokemon’, a terrifying porn parody of ‘Pokemon‘ created by the Woodrocket studio who specialise in adult parodies of cult series and movies. This will definitely add some fuel to your nightmares for the next 10 years…and then some. Can’t. Even.

Strokemon Strokemon 2 Strokemon 3Strokemon 4

Stephen McMennamy – ComboPhoto

Stephen McMennamy's clever photo mashups

Stephen McMennamy: We love the fantastic ‘ComboPhoto’ series by American photographer Stephen McMennamy, who has a laugh on Instagram and Tumblr juxtaposing unrelated photos to create funny and very clever mashups. Great stuff! 🙂

ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-22 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-17 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-18 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-13 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-1 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-15 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-7 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-2 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-3 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-4 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-5 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-6 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-8 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-9 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-10 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-11 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-12 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-14 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-16 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-19 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-20 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-21 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-23 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-24 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-25

LINDEMANN – Praise Abort

LINDEMANN: ‘Praise Abort’ is the first video from LINDEMANN’s (a collaboration from Rammstein’s Till Lindemann and Pain’s Peter Tägtgren) upcoming debut album Skills In Pills.

Directed by Zoran Bihac the clip features Tägtgren and Lindemann as anthropomorphised swine and is layered in subtext, check it out below.

Albums like this don’t come along often: violent, visceral and courageous, Skills In Pills is a listening experience like no other. The final revelation is that this album was never meant to happen: it was only ever supposed to be a throwaway collaboration between two friends. As Tägtgren explains: “This is the result of a year of fucking around with sounds! We had no idea that we’d go as far as releasing an entire album, but this thing has just got bigger and bigger.”

The twisted product of two uniquely creative minds, Skills In Pills is your new medicine. Take it now.

Lindemann - Skills in Pills

Hank the Beer Tank – Product of the Day

‘Hank the Beer Tank’ is a fully portable compact Kegerator. Party on!

Hank the Beer Tank: We absolutely LOVE ‘Hank the Beer Tank’ which is a very clever, fully portable kegerator that can easily travel around for parties, camping, anything, and can operate off of 110-240V AC, or 12-24V DC. Founders Sebastian Ehreiser and Adam Koeppel are currently raising funds via Kickstarter in order to bring ‘Hank the Beer Tank’ to market and say this about the product “You can plug me into just about anything. And while I am plugged in I use less power than a 60W light bulb. To serve beer. From a keg. Anywhere. I do this by using a super efficient inverter controlled compressor, power electronics, and a digital control unit. I am smart about sipping power, and I wont drain your battery, I will just turn off. Warm beer is always better than a car that won’t start. I carry CO2 with me to keep kegs pressurized and preserved. I can accommodate a sixtel keg of your favorite craft beer. I can cool it to 0F, but who wants a frozen keg? I am also half the size of most kegerators on the market, so I can fit in a small space in your home, truck, boat, or tent. Just don’t leave me outside, I don’t like the rain.” This. is. GOLD! Happy Friday! 🙂

Hank-the-Beer-Tank Hank the Beer Tank 2Hank the Beer Tank 3