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McDonald’s does Anime Ad in Japan…Kawaii!

McDonald’s Japan releases awesome new anime commercial

McDonald’s in Japan have just released an awesome new commercial as a very ‘kawaii’ anime which tells the story of a new, nervous yet enthusiastic employee in a video containing all the classic codes of Japanese animation. So cool! 🙂

McDonald's McDonald's McDonald's McDonald's

David Zinn’s Latest Chalk Creations

David Zinn specialises in improvised & light-hearted chalk art

David Zinn: We love the latest creations by artist David Zinn who mixes street art with chalk and anamorphoses, enhancing the streets with his awesome characters. Having fun playing with perspectives and street elements, David imagines quirky and offbeat urban scenes featuring his cute characters, which are mostly improvised and light-hearted – you can keep track of his latest works by following him on Instagram.

Tiny Hamster Does Halloween

Tiny Hamster goes trick-or-treating with his besties

Tiny Hamster: The interweb’s favourite Tiny Hamster got into the Halloween mood by dressing up as the infamous ‘Subway Pizza Rat‘ before heading into a haunted house with some of his besties including a robot-inspired guinea pig and a blonde wig wearing bunny. In the spirit of Halloween, Tiny Hamster has also been busy writing his very own book documenting what happened when he accidentally ate some oozy green stuff entitled Tiny Hamster Is a Monster. Is there anything Tiny Hamster can’t do?!

Tiny Hamster

Roisin Hahessy – What an Idiom!

Roisin Hahessy explains English idioms with cute & funny illustrations

Roisin Hahessy: We love these original and funny illustrations explaining English expressions – ‘idioms’ – by Roisin Hahessy, an illustrator who also currently teaches English in Brazil. A very cute and quirky way to understand the hidden meaning of idioms. To enjoy more artwork from Roisin Hahessy, we highly recommend a visit to her website. Enjoy – Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂

Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-7 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-9 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-10 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-6 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-1 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-2 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-3 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-4 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-5 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-8