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Apple “1997”

Apple concept video from 1987 imagines the future

Apple: We loved stumbling across this retro-futuristic concept video created by Apple in 1987, where they imagine what the the future in 1997 will look like. It’s an awesome flashback that’s full of things that would of then seemed innovative, such as video glasses or web connected homes and pretty funny when you compare it to where Apple and technology in general is today. Gold! 🙂

Apple-1 Apple-3 Apple-2 Apple-6 Apple-7

Hoverboard is Happening!!

Hoverboard, the flying skateboard, from 'Back to the Future II' is being developed by Lexus

Hoverboard: If you are anything like us, you have been patiently waiting for this legendary flying skateboard since you first saw ‘Back to the Future II’ many moons ago. Well, peeps, the wait might be over as it seems via the Lexus SLIDE project, Japanese designer Haruhiko Tanahashi has created the first real hoverboard. However…although what we see on the Lexus website is beautiful, and apparently usable, we can’t get too ahead of ourselves – this prototype currently uses superconductivity via magnets and liquid nitrogen in order to fly above a metal plate 🙁 So don’t expect to be flying around the streets hooked to the back of a futuristic car just yet…but we’re getting there! YES, YES, YES!!!

lexus-hoverboard-top lexus 5 lexus 7 lexus 4 lexus 6

Alex de Mora – ‘Leisurewear’

Alex de Mora imagines what our generation will look like when we are older

Alex de Mora: So you think that “old people” dress like old people? But have you ever thought about what our generation will look like when we get older? ‘Leisurewear’ is a series of fashion photographs created for Vice Magazine by photographer Alex de Mora, who likes to imagine the elderly of a not too distant future. Alex de Mora notes ‘I was inspired by the character I saw when taking personal photos of my Grandmother, and I thought why not transform this into an fashion editorial, so I pitched the idea to Vice Magazine. I had been wanting to shoot a “leisurewear” series for a while, and wanted to give a hip hop angle to the idea. I thought of Snoop Dogg going shopping in his velour tracksuit. The shoot itself took place in my studio in London and we decided to colour match the background, clothes and set for each shot, to give it a surreal, stylised tone. My amazing team of Kylie Griffiths (stylist), Penny Mills (set design), Sami Knight (hair) and Lydia Warhurst (make up) helped me to make this idea the reality.’ Alex de Mora is a highly regarded photographer based in London, UK who specialises in fashion, commercial and portrait photography. Over the years, De Mora has created some amazing images and his editorial clients have included VICE, i-D, Oyster, Dazed & Confused, and Crack while his commercial work has been for brands such as Nike, Red Bull, Atlantic Records, Liberty, ATP Records, Converse, and Johnnie Walker. This fantastic shoot took place in Alex de Mora’s London studio, and features streetwear icons ranging from Champion and adidas Originals to Le Coq Sportif and Moschino, all worn by old-aged pensioners. To see more of Alex de Mora’s amazing work, be sure to visit his website.

Alex de Mora 1

Alex de Mora 2

Alex de Mora 3

Alex de Mora 4