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Roisin Hahessy – What an Idiom!

Roisin Hahessy explains English idioms with cute & funny illustrations

Roisin Hahessy: We love these original and funny illustrations explaining English expressions – ‘idioms’ – by Roisin Hahessy, an illustrator who also currently teaches English in Brazil. A very cute and quirky way to understand the hidden meaning of idioms. To enjoy more artwork from Roisin Hahessy, we highly recommend a visit to her website. Enjoy – Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂

Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-7 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-9 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-10 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-6 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-1 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-2 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-3 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-4 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-5 Roisin-Hahessy-English-Idioms-8