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LINDEMANN – Praise Abort

LINDEMANN: ‘Praise Abort’ is the first video from LINDEMANN’s (a collaboration from Rammstein’s Till Lindemann and Pain’s Peter Tägtgren) upcoming debut album Skills In Pills.

Directed by Zoran Bihac the clip features Tägtgren and Lindemann as anthropomorphised swine and is layered in subtext, check it out below.

Albums like this don’t come along often: violent, visceral and courageous, Skills In Pills is a listening experience like no other. The final revelation is that this album was never meant to happen: it was only ever supposed to be a throwaway collaboration between two friends. As Tägtgren explains: “This is the result of a year of fucking around with sounds! We had no idea that we’d go as far as releasing an entire album, but this thing has just got bigger and bigger.”

The twisted product of two uniquely creative minds, Skills In Pills is your new medicine. Take it now.

Lindemann - Skills in Pills