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Who We Are

Craig Siczak & Josh McConnell developed the idea for CJMS Communications during an old Australian past time – in the warm summer sun over Sunday beers. Increasingly frustrated with the distinct lack of affordable integrated communication solutions on offer to small and medium sized businesses, the venue they were in being one of them, they realised that someone needed to offer these services. Josh & Craig were saddened that many great independent Australian businesses would potentially struggle to engage and retain customers, like the bigger companies can, as budgetary constraints don’t allow them to spend as much time and money on communications.

Far from conservative in their outlook, what they bring to any business is an honest & realistic strategic approach, a fresh creative perspective, and a passion for all forms of communication. While Josh is obsessed with all things communicative – advertising and marketing, pop culture & styling, particularly from the 80s and 90s, Craig is a self-confessed tech junkie, a digital native who immerses himself in anything and everything the creative online world has to offer, day in and day out. Their blend of talents and interests enables CJMS Communications to clearly see beyond a client’s expectations and develop an integrated and on-going strategy that is creative yet measurable.