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Kiszkiloszki’s GIFs are Masterpieces!

Kiszkiloszki transforms classic art into funny & unique GIFs

We LOVE the original creations of Kiszkiloszki who is having fun transforming famous paintings into funny and unique animated GIFs. From Michelangelo to René Magritte, Van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci, Kiszkiloszki takes these classic masterpieces and puts a 2016 spin on them. Awesome stuff! 🙂

Tony Futura – THE • UNSEEN

Tony Futura creates simple images with a twist

Tony Futura: We LOVE these awesome conceptual creations by Tony Futura, a visual artist based in Berlin who floods his Instagram and Tumblr with surreal and offbeat images, having fun transforming icons of pop culture and everyday objects into visual, colourful, and hilarious compositions. GOLD! 🙂

Stephen McMennamy – ComboPhoto

Stephen McMennamy's clever photo mashups

Stephen McMennamy: We love the fantastic ‘ComboPhoto’ series by American photographer Stephen McMennamy, who has a laugh on Instagram and Tumblr juxtaposing unrelated photos to create funny and very clever mashups. Great stuff! 🙂

ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-22 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-17 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-18 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-13 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-1 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-15 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-7 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-2 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-3 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-4 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-5 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-6 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-8 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-9 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-10 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-11 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-12 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-14 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-16 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-19 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-20 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-21 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-23 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-24 ComboPhoto-Stephen-McMennamy-25