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Eva Krbdk – Tattoo & Embroidery

Eva Krbdk's awesome cross-stitch tattoos

Eva Krbdk: We love the awesome tattoos of Turkish artist Eva Krbdk, who merges the universe of tattoo with soft and colourful creations inspired by the technique of cross-stitch. For more, check out Eva’s instagram and website. Very cool!

Eva Krbdk-tattoos-10 Eva Krbdk-tattoos-2 Eva Krbdk-tattoos-3 Eva-Krbdk-tattoos-4 Eva-Krbdk-tattoos-1 Eva-Krbdk-tattoos-5 Eva-Krbdk-tattoos-6 Eva-Krbdk-tattoos-7 Eva-Krbdk-tattoos-8 Eva-Krbdk-tattoos-9

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