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Quack Fat by Opiuo

'Quack Fat' is our music video of the day

Quack Fat: Directed and animated by Dropbear, it took 240 audio cassettes, 5,600 feet of video tape, 108 floppy discs and 1 retro walkman to create this masterpiece official music video for ‘Quack Fat’ by Opiuo. Check it out below – Amazing work! 🙂

Quack Fat 1 Quack Fat 2 Quack Fat 3

Garbage Pail Kids Return!

Garbage Pail Kids - Where are they now?

Garbage Pail Kids: If you were a kid growing up in the 1980s, the Garbage Pail Kids collector cards probably ruled your life. Between trashy humour and bad taste, art director Jake Houvenagle and photographer Brandon Voges decided to pay tribute to the famous Garbage Pail Kids, with ‘Where Are They Now?’ photographically recreating the illustrations of these twisted yet beloved cards. Love these so much!!

Garbage Pail Kids 1 Garbage Pail Kids 2 Garbage Pail Kids 3 Garbage Pail Kids 4 Garbage Pail Kids 5 Garbage Pail Kids 5 Garbage Pail Kids 6 7 9 11 12 3 13

Alexey Kondakov – Modern Classics

Alexey Kondakov inserts classical masterpieces into the streets of Kiev

Alexey Kondakov: We love the beautiful creations of Ukrainian art director Alexey Kondakov, who inserts characters from the masterpieces of classical painting into the streets of modern-day Kiev, everything from Caravaggio to Nicolas Regnier through to Francesco Furini. For more, we suggest a visit to Alexey Kondakov’s Facebook page. Enjoy! 🙂

Alexey Kondakov 12 3 4 5 classical-painting-in-modern-world-2-1 classical-painting-in-modern-world-4 classical-painting-in-modern-world-6 classical-painting-in-modern-world-7 classical-painting-in-modern-world-8 classical-painting-in-modern-world-9 classical-painting-in-modern-world-10 classical-painting-in-modern-world-11

Guillaume Kurkdjian – Electronic Items

Guillaume Kurkdjian's retro animated GIFs of electronic devices from the 90s

Guillaume Kurkdjian: We love this awesome selection of retro animated GIFs by French animator and illustrator Guillaume Kurkdjian, who via his ‘Electronic Items’ series, pays tribute to iconic electronic devices from the 90s including the dot matrix printer, remote control car and handycam through to the fax machine and portable CD player. For more of Guillaume Kurkdjian’s work, pay a visit to his website. Fantastic stuff!

Guillaume Kurkdjian 1Guillaume Kurkdjian 2Guillaume Kurkdjian 3Guillaume Kurkdjian 4Guillaume Kurkdjian 5Guillaume Kurkdjian 6Guillaume Kurkdjian 7Guillaume Kurkdjian 8Guillaume Kurkdjian 9

Kitchen Ghosts – The Culinary Cinemagraphs

'Kitchen Ghosts' is an amazing series of animated GIFs about food & cooking

Kitchen Ghosts: ‘Kitchen Ghosts’ is a very beautiful and delicious series of culinary cinemagraphs created by Dasha & Olya – Russian photographer Daria Khoroshavina (Dasha) and prop and food styler Olga Kolesnikova (Olya) – who are based in Moscow. An amazing series of animated GIFs about all things food and cooking, so far ‘Kitchen Ghosts’ includes stunning and delicious animations of them preparing French toast, breakfast, a pear and walnut strudel, and a pasta dish with chicken and honey orange sauce. Dasha & Olya’s mission is to make food photography beautiful, appetising and exciting. ‘Kitchen Ghosts’ will simply mesmerise you and make your mouth water. Enjoy!

Kitchen Ghosts 1Kitchen Ghosts 2Kitchen Ghosts 3Kitchen Ghosts 4Kitchen Ghosts 5Kitchen Ghosts 6Kitchen Ghosts 7Kitchen Ghosts 8Kitchen Ghosts 9Kitchen Ghosts 10Kitchen Ghosts 11Kitchen Ghosts 12Kitchen Ghosts 13Kitchen Ghosts 14Kitchen Ghosts 15

Jean-Paul Frenay’s Video for ‘OFFF Quebec 2015’

Jean-Paul Frenay has written & directed a surreal yet hypnotic experience

Jean-Paul Frenay: In order to kick off the ‘OFFF Quebec 2015’ festival, the filmmaker Jean-Paul Frenay has written and directed a surreal yet fascinating visual art, transforming the creations of other artists into a truly hypnotic experience. OFFF comments about Jean-Paul Frenay’s piece “They say you should observe a piece of art deeply to understand its concept and interpret it in your own way, we think that Jean-Paul Frenay took this idea and twisted it into something even bigger than just an interpretation. He made sure to create an introspective ‘sarcastic’ adventure. We were so astonished when we received this and proud to present to you a visual piece communicating social behaviours in different sceneries that will put you into a hypnotic experience.” OFFF is “an entity in continuous transformation, alive and evolutionary. More than a decade ago, it was born as a post-digital culture festival; a meeting place to host contemporary creation through an in depth programme of conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time.” Jean-Paul Frenay is a Film Director/Creative Director and multidisciplinary Visual Artist living in Belgium. Born in Siegen, he spent his youth in Germany before moving to Brussels to begin his studies. His particular vision and the quality of his films made him graduate with honours from the InRaCi Film School. After a specialisation in visual effects, he started his career as a flame artist where he developed his skills which gave him the confidence to start directing. He took his first steps directing commercials and quickly became known for his ability to mix many different techniques, including live action, stop motion animation, CGI, miniatures, motion design, video mapping and photographic artworks. Several of his projects such as his short film ‘Artificial Paradise, Inc.’, the collaborative project ‘Resonance’ or his ‘VW Bluemotion’ and ‘Nike’ commercials gave him the opportunity to be featured in numerous leading national and international industry festivals and publications such as Onedotzero, Stash, IDN, OFFF, Motionographer, Shots and Repérages. Always looking for new challenges, he sometimes works as a video artist in performance pieces creating visuals and interactive installations for plays, choreographies and experimental work. In parallel, he’s developing his photographic skills creating artworks and a personal series and as a passionate musician, he is leading the electro rock project I, The Phoenix which already got great reviews for their first stereoscopic album. It seems Jean-Paul Frenay is always trying to push the limits, changing his style and explore beyond boundaries while continuing to combine storytelling with a strong sense of art direction.

Jean-Paul Frenay 1Jean-Paul Frenay 2Jean-Paul Frenay 3Jean-Paul Frenay 4

Natalie Shau – Lost in Wonderland

Natalie Shau's dark, strange and surreal world

Below are a selection of the latest creations by Natalie Shau, a photographer, artist and graphic designer who combines illustrations and photographs to lead us into a dark, strange and surreal world populated with beautiful creatures. Natalie Shau is a mixed media artist and photographer based in Vilnius, Lithuania who has an amazing talent in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo art. Coupled with her personal work, Natalie also creates artwork and photography for musicians, the theatre, fashion magazines, writers and advertisements. Her specialties include digital art, painting, CD artwork, photo manipulation, book covers, illustration, CD design, collage, digital painting, art direction, production design, advertising and fashion photography. Her digital masterpieces have graced the pages of French Vogue during a Lydia Courteille jewellery campaign and her extensive client list of music labels includes Island Def Jam, Sony Music Entertainment, Century Media, and Nuclear Blast. Gothic horror fiction, fairy tales and Russian classics (e.g. Dostoevsky and Gogol) are among the influences she lists for her surreal and strange creations. Natalie Shau uses a range of media, mixing photography, digital painting and 3D and the quality she seeks is “at once fragile and powerful”. “My works are digital mixed media. I mix photography, 3D elements, vector elements and digital drawing. I also enjoy creating surreal and fashion photography. My photography and digital works are often surreal portraits of women; however, I love portraying animals sometimes.” Natalie Shau regards her works as ‘pretty motionless and doll-like’, but they express the burden of waiting, and the inner conflict that boils within the characters. You can sense this in their expressions or in some contradictory elements or symbols hidden in the work. When questioned whether there is a reason that most of her illustrations and images are of women, Shau notes that she does not choose her characters, they choose her – she’s unable to explain how this happens. Her influences are many however Alexander McQueen, Eiko Ishioka, Trevor Brown are amongst them. Describing her creative process, Shau reveals “I have a flash of an idea or vision and, after exploring it in my mind, I try to sketch it and see if I can express it. I collect all the materials I need for that, take portraits, photograph elements, find any elements needed, and then I start working on a piece.” Take a look at Natalie Shau’s beautiful work below and be sure to visit her website:

Shau 5

Shau 8

Shau 26

Shau 17

Natalie Shau 19

Natalie Shau 20

Natalie Shau 15

Natalie Shau 12

Natalie Shau 24

Natalie Shau 14

Natalie Shau 22

Natalie Shau 1

Natalie Shau 16

Natalie Shau 18

Natalie Shau 21

Natalie Shau 27

Shau 2

Shau 3

Shau 4

Shau 6

Shau 7

Shau 9

Shau 10

Shau 11

Shau 13

Shau 23

Shau 25