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Hot Dogs Gone Wild. Just Because…

Hot Dogs captured in the most unusual situations and places

Hot Dogs: This strange yet interesting ‘IDK about these Hotdogs’ series, created by an anonymous photographer from New York, captures simple hot dogs in the most unusual situations and places, leaving the door open to the most absurd and funny interpretations. Mmmm delicious – Happy Friday! 🙂

Hot Dogs 1Hot Dogs 2Hot Dogs 3 Hot Dogs 4 28 27 26 24 23 22 21 20 19 10 8 7 4 25 1 14 2 13 17 9 12  3

Kitchen Ghosts – The Culinary Cinemagraphs

'Kitchen Ghosts' is an amazing series of animated GIFs about food & cooking

Kitchen Ghosts: ‘Kitchen Ghosts’ is a very beautiful and delicious series of culinary cinemagraphs created by Dasha & Olya – Russian photographer Daria Khoroshavina (Dasha) and prop and food styler Olga Kolesnikova (Olya) – who are based in Moscow. An amazing series of animated GIFs about all things food and cooking, so far ‘Kitchen Ghosts’ includes stunning and delicious animations of them preparing French toast, breakfast, a pear and walnut strudel, and a pasta dish with chicken and honey orange sauce. Dasha & Olya’s mission is to make food photography beautiful, appetising and exciting. ‘Kitchen Ghosts’ will simply mesmerise you and make your mouth water. Enjoy!

Kitchen Ghosts 1Kitchen Ghosts 2Kitchen Ghosts 3Kitchen Ghosts 4Kitchen Ghosts 5Kitchen Ghosts 6Kitchen Ghosts 7Kitchen Ghosts 8Kitchen Ghosts 9Kitchen Ghosts 10Kitchen Ghosts 11Kitchen Ghosts 12Kitchen Ghosts 13Kitchen Ghosts 14Kitchen Ghosts 15