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Guillaume Kurkdjian – Electronic Items

Guillaume Kurkdjian's retro animated GIFs of electronic devices from the 90s

Guillaume Kurkdjian: We love this awesome selection of retro animated GIFs by French animator and illustrator Guillaume Kurkdjian, who via his ‘Electronic Items’ series, pays tribute to iconic electronic devices from the 90s including the dot matrix printer, remote control car and handycam through to the fax machine and portable CD player. For more of Guillaume Kurkdjian’s work, pay a visit to his website. Fantastic stuff!

Guillaume Kurkdjian 1Guillaume Kurkdjian 2Guillaume Kurkdjian 3Guillaume Kurkdjian 4Guillaume Kurkdjian 5Guillaume Kurkdjian 6Guillaume Kurkdjian 7Guillaume Kurkdjian 8Guillaume Kurkdjian 9