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Star Wars Bands

Star Wars meets the music industry

Star Wars Bands: Designed by the team of Superfi, Star Wars Bands is a funny series of mashups merging characters of the Star Wars saga with cult rock & pop bands and artists. Love it – very clever! 🙂

star wars-bands-7star wars-bands-8star wars-bands-9star wars-bands-12star wars-bands-2star wars-bands-11star wars-bands-5star wars-bands-1star wars-bands-13star wars-bands-3star wars-bands-4star wars-bands-6star wars-bands-10star wars-bands-14

Apple “1997”

Apple concept video from 1987 imagines the future

Apple: We loved stumbling across this retro-futuristic concept video created by Apple in 1987, where they imagine what the the future in 1997 will look like. It’s an awesome flashback that’s full of things that would of then seemed innovative, such as video glasses or web connected homes and pretty funny when you compare it to where Apple and technology in general is today. Gold! 🙂

Apple-1 Apple-3 Apple-2 Apple-6 Apple-7

Freaky Flowers Friday!

Freaky Flowers, the flowering cactus time-lapse, is our vid of the day

Freaky Flowers: A beautiful time-lapse video by photographer Greg Krehel, ‘Freaky Flowers’ compares the flowering of cactus from the Echinopsis family, with some real natural fireworks. So amazing – Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂

Freaky Flowers 1 Freaky Flowers Freaky Flowers 2



Alex Garant – Seeing Double

Alex Garant's portraits create a strange surreal illusion

Alex Garant: Using traditional oil painting techniques, Canadian visual artist Alex Garant creates beautiful portraits, splitting the eyes of her models to produce a strange sensation of movement and a surreal illusion which makes you feel a slight loss of focus and concentration. To see more of Alex Garant’s 2015 work ‘Blur’ and the ‘Double Eyes’ series, we recommend a visit to the website. Fantastic stuff! 🙂

Alex-Garant-portrait-top Alex-Garant-portrait-5 Alex-Garant-portrait-1 Alex-Garant-portrait-6 Alex-Garant-portrait-3 Alex-Garant-portrait-4 Alex-Garant-portrait-7 Alex-Garant-portrait-8 Alex-Garant-portrait-9 Alex-Garant-portrait-2 Alex-Garant-portrait-11 Alex-Garant-portrait-10 Alex-Garant-portrait-12 Alex-Garant-portrait-13 Alex-Garant-portrait-14 Alex-Garant-portrait-15 Alex-Garant-portrait-16 Alex-Garant-portrait-17

Dream Koala – ‘Earth’

Dream Koala releases an apocalyptic spacescape music video

Dream Koala: Created by Les Gentils Garçons and directed by FABULOUS 3D (Adrien Peze and Albin Merle), ‘Earth’ is the beautiful new music video from French musician Dream Koala off the EP, ‘Earth. Home. Destroyed.’. Set in an apocalyptic ‘end of the world’ landscape, ‘Earth’ leads us into a mesmerising, dreamlike, and slightly haunting space opera. Check it out below – awesome track and video! LOVE

Dream Koala-2 Dream Koala-3  Dream Koala-5Dream Koala-4Dream Koala-6

Cheyenne Randall – Celebrated Tattoos

Cheyenne Randall unveils her latest shopped tattoos on celebrities

Cheyenne Randall: We love this new batch of photoshopped tattoos on celebrities by artist Cheyenne Randall, who continues to create the imaginary body art of celebrities, from Elizabeth Taylor and Christina Ricci through to James Franco, Bill Murray, Frida Kahlo and Sofia Loren. Very cool! 🙂

Cheyenne Randall 17 Cheyenne Randall-19 Cheyenne Randall-2 -32 -1 -3 shopped-tattoos-part-III-18 shopped-tattoos-part-III-21 shopped-tattoos-part-III-22 shopped-tattoos-part-III-23 shopped-tattoos-part-III-24 shopped-tattoos-part-III-25 shopped-tattoos-part-III-26 shopped-tattoos-part-III-27 shopped-tattoos-part-III-28 shopped-tattoos-part-III-29 shopped-tattoos-part-III-34 shopped-tattoos-part-III-30 shopped-tattoos-part-III-37 shopped-tattoos-part-III-31 shopped-tattoos-part-III-33 shopped-tattoos-part-III-35 shopped-tattoos-part-III-36

Adriana Napolitano – Papercraft

Adriana Napolitano surrounds her models with handcrafted paper props

Adriana Napolitano: Loving the original creations of Berlin photographer/set designer/crafty Tonia, Adriana Napolitano, who has fun surrounding her models with colourful paper props, such as tentacles, superhero costumes, tools and food, all uniquely handcrafted with a lot of humour. For more, check out Adriana Napolitano’s website. Fantastic stuff! 🙂

Adriana Napolitano-9 Adriana Napolitano-1 Adriana Napolitano-4 Adriana Napolitano-13 Adriana Napolitano-8 Adriana Napolitano-3 Adriana Napolitano-5 Adriana Napolitano-6 Adriana Napolitano-7 Adriana Napolitano-10 Adriana Napolitano-11 Adriana Napolitano-12 Adriana Napolitano-14 Adriana Napolitano-2 Adriana Napolitano