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Bobbugs – Master of Disguise

Bobbugs creates unique & slightly offbeat self-portraits

Bobbugs: A prop master for U.S. TV shows, Michael Gump, aka Bobbugs, has created Master of Disguise, an awesome project where he covers himself with assorted colourful objects, such as LEGO, plastic ducks, cotton buds, cookies, paint, lollipops, pens, pizzas, temporary tattoos and so on, filling his instagram with unique and slightly offbeat self-portraits. LOVE it! 🙂

Adriana Napolitano – Papercraft

Adriana Napolitano surrounds her models with handcrafted paper props

Adriana Napolitano: Loving the original creations of Berlin photographer/set designer/crafty Tonia, Adriana Napolitano, who has fun surrounding her models with colourful paper props, such as tentacles, superhero costumes, tools and food, all uniquely handcrafted with a lot of humour. For more, check out Adriana Napolitano’s website. Fantastic stuff! 🙂

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