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Tony Futura – THE • UNSEEN

Tony Futura creates simple images with a twist

Tony Futura: We LOVE these awesome conceptual creations by Tony Futura, a visual artist based in Berlin who floods his Instagram and Tumblr with surreal and offbeat images, having fun transforming icons of pop culture and everyday objects into visual, colourful, and hilarious compositions. GOLD! 🙂

Adriana Napolitano – Papercraft

Adriana Napolitano surrounds her models with handcrafted paper props

Adriana Napolitano: Loving the original creations of Berlin photographer/set designer/crafty Tonia, Adriana Napolitano, who has fun surrounding her models with colourful paper props, such as tentacles, superhero costumes, tools and food, all uniquely handcrafted with a lot of humour. For more, check out Adriana Napolitano’s website. Fantastic stuff! 🙂

Adriana Napolitano-9 Adriana Napolitano-1 Adriana Napolitano-4 Adriana Napolitano-13 Adriana Napolitano-8 Adriana Napolitano-3 Adriana Napolitano-5 Adriana Napolitano-6 Adriana Napolitano-7 Adriana Napolitano-10 Adriana Napolitano-11 Adriana Napolitano-12 Adriana Napolitano-14 Adriana Napolitano-2 Adriana Napolitano

Berlin in July 1945 – Must-Watch!

Berlin as it looked just after the Second World War

Berlin: So this is how Berlin looked just after the Second World War. This fascinating colour footage shows the state of the city in the Summer of 1945, just after the Second World War and the capitulation of Germany. The vision gives us a rare glimpse of the slow return to daily life in Berlin after years of destruction from the war. Footage from the destroyed city includes the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Adlon, Führerbunker, Unter den Linden, women working in the streets amongst the rubble and Berlin slowly coming back to life. Amazing stuff!