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Adriana Napolitano – Papercraft

Adriana Napolitano surrounds her models with handcrafted paper props

Adriana Napolitano: Loving the original creations of Berlin photographer/set designer/crafty Tonia, Adriana Napolitano, who has fun surrounding her models with colourful paper props, such as tentacles, superhero costumes, tools and food, all uniquely handcrafted with a lot of humour. For more, check out Adriana Napolitano’s website. Fantastic stuff! 🙂

Adriana Napolitano-9 Adriana Napolitano-1 Adriana Napolitano-4 Adriana Napolitano-13 Adriana Napolitano-8 Adriana Napolitano-3 Adriana Napolitano-5 Adriana Napolitano-6 Adriana Napolitano-7 Adriana Napolitano-10 Adriana Napolitano-11 Adriana Napolitano-12 Adriana Napolitano-14 Adriana Napolitano-2 Adriana Napolitano