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Hueman Nature

The awesome street art of Hueman

Hueman: We love the beautiful street art creations by American artist Hueman, who divides her time between her studio and the streets of California. Equally at home on a canvas or walls, Hueman creates a subtle mix of abstract and figurative, of beauty and grotesque, always hiding the true meaning of her art between the lines. To view more of Hueman’s amazing work, check out her website. AWESOME! 🙂

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Cheuk Lun Lo & his Shampooed Heads of Hair Photos

Cheuk Lun Lo transforms hair & shampooed heads into abstract photographs

The unique creations of photographer Cheuk Lun Lo, who transforms hair and shampooed heads into abstract photographs in a series imagined for Chinese beauty and fashion publication NUMERO, are somewhat gross yet engaging all at the same time. Lo is a professional photographer who established his STUFF STUDIO in 2009. STUFF is a fast growing photographic studio working primarily with world leading luxury brands, magazines and advertising agencies. Under his art direction, the studio continues to create mesmerising shots of fashion related products which are used for numerous key visual and magazine features. They believe every creative opportunity is unique and enjoy collaborating with like-minded partners to create interesting and thought-provoking shots that capture the soul of each product – giving each image a sense of personality and a memorable story. It is almost impossible, at first glance, to know the source of the swirling spherical masses pictured in the following series – are they photographs of liquid, bizarre floating orbs, or something else unidentifiable? Perspective and light offer a strange and surreal take on an ordinary human characteristic – hair.  Cheuk Lun Lo shoots the heads from above, allowing for an alternative view of an otherwise standard, hair-washing routine which suddenly begins to transform into something more fascinating. Shampoo saturates the locks in a foamy white lather, letting it be easily moulded and manipulated into a varied array of shapes, sizes and compositions. Photographed on a pitch black background, the series – realised as a beauty editorial for Numero magazine in China – sees Cheuk Lun Lo’s “hair-scapes” seemingly hover in mid-air, providing an abstract yet beautiful look at the human body and all its artistic possibilities.

Cheuk Lun Lo 1

Cheuk Lun Lo 2

Cheuk Lun Lo 3

Cheuk Lun Lo 4

Cheuk Lun Lo 5

Cheuk Lun Lo 6

Cheuk Lun Lo 7

Cheuk Lun Lo 8

Cheuk Lun Lo 9