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Hueman Nature

The awesome street art of Hueman

Hueman: We love the beautiful street art creations by American artist Hueman, who divides her time between her studio and the streets of California. Equally at home on a canvas or walls, Hueman creates a subtle mix of abstract and figurative, of beauty and grotesque, always hiding the true meaning of her art between the lines. To view more of Hueman’s amazing work, check out her website. AWESOME! 🙂

Hueman 1Hueman 2Hueman 3Hueman 4Hueman 5Hueman 6street-art-10 street-art-8 street-art-2 street-art-16 street-art-25 street-art-28street-art-19 street-art-20 street-art-6 street-art-24 street-art-21 street-art-7street-art-11 street-art-12 street-art-13 street-art-17 street-art-14 street-art-23 street-art-26 street-art-27 street-art-18