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Hot Dogs Gone Wild. Just Because…

Hot Dogs captured in the most unusual situations and places

Hot Dogs: This strange yet interesting ‘IDK about these Hotdogs’ series, created by an anonymous photographer from New York, captures simple hot dogs in the most unusual situations and places, leaving the door open to the most absurd and funny interpretations. Mmmm delicious – Happy Friday! 🙂

Hot Dogs 1Hot Dogs 2Hot Dogs 3 Hot Dogs 4 28 27 26 24 23 22 21 20 19 10 8 7 4 25 1 14 2 13 17 9 12  3

Martin Roller’s Magical Mash-ups

Martin Roller's strange yet amusing hybrid objects

Martin Roller: We love this selection of twisted yet intriguing hybrid objects by German artist Martin Roller, who hijacks everyday items to create fun mash-ups including some improbable and delirious compositions between a tyre and a birthday cake, a banana and laces or a shoe and various cold cuts. Shot with a polished, commercial aesthetic, the mash-ups are instantly appealing. But beyond their eye-catching qualities, the compositions speak to the malleable properties of identity. Sure, you’re a banana one day, but who says you have to be a fruit all your life? In Martin Roller’s imagination, a banana can easily become a shoe and that’s what is so great about art in general – it has the power to transform and transcend. Perhaps the most impressive part about Roller’s images, however, are the fact that they are not digitally created. In fact, Martin Roller blends each object together by hand, meaning that the objects do exist in real life and because digital technology is so pervasive and accessible, Roller challenges himself by using real-life sources to make his collages. Fantastic work! 🙂

Martin Roller 1Martin Roller 2 Martin Roller 3 martin-roller-mashups-12 martin-roller-mashups-8 martin-roller-mashups-1 martin-roller-mashups-14 martin-roller-mashups-3 martin-roller-mashups-4 martin-roller-mashups-5 martin-roller-mashups-7 martin-roller-mashups-9 martin-roller-mashups-10 martin-roller-mashups-13 martin-roller-mashups-15 martin-roller-mashups-16