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Vanity Fair’s Pop Icon Style Time-Lapse

Vanity Fair pay tribute to over 100 years of female pop star style

Vanity Fair pay tribute to the past 103 years of distinctive female pop star style in a two minute time-lapse starting with the full-body fashion of Nora Bayes in the early 20th century to the contemporary style of Rihanna today. Wow, how times have changed.

vanity fair

United States of Pop 2015 (50 Shades of Pop)

United States of Pop 2015 is our mashup OTD

United States of Pop 2015 (50 Shades of Pop) is the newest annual mashup by DJ Earworm that combines the 50 biggest hit songs of the year into a new awesome track. Love it – enjoy and Happy Friday, peeps! 🙂

United States of Pop 2015

PSY Drops Vid For New Track ‘Daddy’

PSY dances with young & old versions of himself

The world’s favourite Korean pop star oddly dances with young and old versions of himself in this wacky video for his new track ‘Daddy’ from his seventh album aptly titled PSY 7th Album. The song and video also feature CL from 2NE1. Never get tired of this guy – enjoy! 🙂