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Eating Makeup – What Did We Just Watch?!

Eating Makeup is our WTF of the week

Eating Makeup: Ummm ok, well this is a very strange short film, trashy and completely twisted…so we obviously love it! Imagined and directed by the LA artist Jennifer Juniper Stratford, if you ever wondered what a beauty vlogger’s worst nightmares are made of, we think ‘Eating Makeup’ is a good starting point…Enjoy and Happy Friday, peeps! 🙂

Eating-Makeup-8 Eating-Makeup-5 Eating-Makeup-4

Maysgrafx – Psychedelic Art of Justin Mays

Maysgrafx mashes digital collage and glitch design

Maysgrafx: Loving the psychedelic creations of Justin Mays, aka Maysgrafx, designer and animator based in Los Angeles, who mixes digital collages and glitch art to create visually explosive and colourful neon compositions. Selected art prints by Maysgrafx are currently available for purchase via society6 – Awesome stuff! 🙂

Conrado Salinas – A Selection of Digital Illustrations

Conrado Salinas' portfolio fusions illustration, digital art & graphic design

Conrado Salinas: While flicking through our daily feeds, we stumbled across the amazing work of Los Angeles artist Conrado Salinas who is a freelance illustrator with a background in digital art and graphic design. Conrado Salinas has an impressive digital illustration portfolio. He was featured in Versus Magazine’s 2014 Summer Issue and had his ‘Bone Collector’ piece printed and featured at Adobe MAX 2014. Conrado Salinas also has a few more process steps of certain digital pieces that you can see on his website. Below are a selection of illustrations from his Behance portfolio which can also be purchased from his on-line store. LOVE!!

Conrado Salinas 1Conrado Salinas 2Conrado Salinas 3Conrado Salinas 4Conrado Salinas 5Conrado Salinas 6Conrado Salinas 7Conrado Salinas 8Conrado Salinas 9Conrado Salinas 10Conrado Salinas 11Conrado-Salinas-illustration-9Conrado-Salinas-illustration-11Conrado-Salinas-illustration-13Conrado-Salinas-illustration-15Conrado-Salinas-illustration-4Conrado-Salinas-illustration-2Conrado-Salinas-illustration-5

‘Blade Runner’ – New Trailer for UK Re-Release

'Blade Runner', Ridley Scott’s trail-blazing sci-fi, is back on the big screen

Blade Runner: “This new trailer captures the essence of the film and I hope will inspire a new generation to see Blade Runner“. The brand new Blade Runner trailer gets the thumbs up from Ridley Scott. Blade Runner, Scott’s trail-blazing sci-fi, is back on the big screen in the UK from the 3rd April 2015 courtesy of the British Film Institute. Originally released in 1982 and adapted from Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Ridley Scott’s iconic dystopian classic is unquestionably one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made and this April, cinemagoers across the UK will have the chance to see it again, at its best on the big screen, when the BFI releases Blade Runner: The Final Cut. Harrison Ford is exemplary as the world-weary detective hunting down intelligent but murderous replicants in a neon-lit, rain-spattered future Los Angeles. Rutger Hauer, Sean Young and Daryl Hannah all give career-defining performances. Featuring an iconic Vangelis score, Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi opus is one of modern cinema’s most influential films. Blade Runner initially polarised critics: some were displeased with the pacing, while others enjoyed its thematic complexity. The film performed poorly in US theaters but has since become a cult film. It has been hailed for its production design, depicting a ‘retrofitted’ future, and remains a leading example of the neo-noir genre. It brought the work of Philip K. Dick to the attention of Hollywood and several later films were based on his work. Ridley Scott regards Blade Runner as probably his most complete and personal film. In 1993, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. Blade Runner is now regarded as one of the best science fiction films ever made. Given complete artistic freedom to make The Final Cut in 2007, the 25th anniversary of the film’s release, director Ridley Scott created this final, definitive version, fully restored from the original negative. A grand cinematic synthesis of sound, image and thought-provoking drama Blade Runner: The Final Cut is an unforgettable experience that demands to be seen on the big screen. We can only pray that it will be released somewhere in Australia very soon!

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Blade Runner