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Conrado Salinas – A Selection of Digital Illustrations

Conrado Salinas' portfolio fusions illustration, digital art & graphic design

Conrado Salinas: While flicking through our daily feeds, we stumbled across the amazing work of Los Angeles artist Conrado Salinas who is a freelance illustrator with a background in digital art and graphic design. Conrado Salinas has an impressive digital illustration portfolio. He was featured in Versus Magazine’s 2014 Summer Issue and had his ‘Bone Collector’ piece printed and featured at Adobe MAX 2014. Conrado Salinas also has a few more process steps of certain digital pieces that you can see on his website. Below are a selection of illustrations from his Behance portfolio which can also be purchased from his on-line store. LOVE!!

Conrado Salinas 1Conrado Salinas 2Conrado Salinas 3Conrado Salinas 4Conrado Salinas 5Conrado Salinas 6Conrado Salinas 7Conrado Salinas 8Conrado Salinas 9Conrado Salinas 10Conrado Salinas 11Conrado-Salinas-illustration-9Conrado-Salinas-illustration-11Conrado-Salinas-illustration-13Conrado-Salinas-illustration-15Conrado-Salinas-illustration-4Conrado-Salinas-illustration-2Conrado-Salinas-illustration-5

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