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Secret Wood’s Bespoke Wooden Rings

Secret Wood's beautiful dioramic rings are our product OTD

Created by design studio Secret Wood, these beautiful and unique wooden rings, that house dioramic scenes highlighting the beauty of nature, are created entirely by hand combining a mix of wood, resin, and beeswax. Every ring is completely handmade and bespoke, taking approximately four to five weeks to complete (with an expedited option) and can be ordered online. The end result is simply stunning – definitely our product of the day 🙂


Danil Golovkin – Addicted To Glamour

Fashion photography as seen by Danil Golovkin

Danil Golovkin: The amazing Addicted To Glamour series created by photographer Danil Golovkin for the magazine Fashion Gone Rogue, offers us a twisted and yet unique look at fashion photography. Danil Golovkin shows a different side of glamour for FGR’s most recent exclusive featuring Anastasiya Kolbasko. Rather than wearing the jewellery designs, the blonde model “eats” the adornments of gold styled by Liliya Simonyan. Daniel Golovkin’s images certainly bring a whole new meaning to the term “golden touch”. Hair and makeup artist Elena Zubareva worked on the beauty for the shoot.