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Lexus Hoverboard is real and here’s the proof

Lexus Hoverboard comes to life in this AWESOME demonstration vid

Lexus Hoverboard: Not too long ago, we posted that Lexus had created the hoverboard prototype we’ve all been dreaming of since Marty McFly flew through the air in Back to the Future II. Well, all skeptics will be happy to know…they actually have and there’s proof that the Lexus Hoverboard IS real! It seems Lexus aren’t really breaking any new ground here – all they’ve done is apply existing superconducting magnetic levitation technology. Industry experts who have tried the Lexus Hoverboard describe it as very difficult to ride yet at the same time unbelievably cool as you are levitating – the feeling so unique that they have nothing else they can compare it to, the closest is ice skating, but even that’s like comparing the finest silk to 300 grit sandpaper. So, is this finally Marty McFly’s hoverboard fully realised? Unfortunately not (insert tear). The Lexus hoverboard requires filling with liquid nitrogen every 10 minutes or so, and only works if your local skate park has several hundred thousand dollars worth of magnets built into its surface (the Lexus Hoverboard skate park was custom built). It’s also probably the most expensive thing Lexus currently produces, making its chances of hitting the store shelves anytime soon almost nil. However, none of that is the point…this is just so AWESOMEEEEEE!!! Check out all the videos below but the first one is a must watch. Enjoy! 🙂

It’s Here!! 🙂 Watch the Lexus Hoverboard in action





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