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Brian Finke – Desktop Dining

Brian Finke captures the depressing reality of lunch at work

Created for The New York Times entitled ‘Desktop Dining’, photographer Brian Finke documented the depressing reality of lunches at the office, capturing employees eating in front of their computer, during a meeting or in the lunch area – simple images where the cold and corporate universe of the workplace contrasts with dodgy sandwiches and dripping pizza.

Yuichi Ikehata – Fragment of Long Term Memory

Yuichi Ikehata's creations are blurred memories caught between illusion & reality

Yuichi Ikehata: An impressive body of work situated between illusion and reality, Fragment of Long Term Memory is a fascinating series by Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata, who blends sculpture, photography, wire, ceramic, and paper to create surreal images representing incomplete and blurred memories of her own body.