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Socality Barbie – Instagram’s Newest Hipster

Socality Barbie documents the life of a hipster Barbie

Socality Barbie: Socality Barbie is the Instagram account of a hipster Barbie, who is now at more than 699,000 followers. An unexpected and ironic success, Socality Barbie was created by a professional photographer, based in Oregon, who wanted above all to parody the similarity of all Instagram accounts. Very funny and clever – Barbie never looked so random 😉

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K. Henderson – Pop Realism

K. Henderson pays tribute to her childhood and 60s & 70s pop culture

K. Henderson: We love these hyperrealist paintings by American artist K. Henderson, who pays tribute to her childhood with still lifes composed of vintage toys, books, board games and comics, mainly from pop culture of the 60s and 70s. Awesome work! 🙂

K. Henderson 1K. Henderson 3K. Henderson 2K. Henderson 4K. Henderson 5K. Henderson 6K. Henderson 7K. Henderson 8K. Henderson 9K. Henderson 10K. Henderson 11K. Henderson 12K. Henderson 13K. Henderson 14K. Henderson 15K. Henderson 16K. Henderson 17K. Henderson 18K. Henderson 19