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The Grand Overlook Hotel – ‘The Shining’ VS ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

'The Grand Overlook Hotel' happens when Wes Anderson meets Stanley Kubrick

The Grand Overlook Hotel: We really love ‘The Grand Overlook Hotel’ by Steve Ramsden which is a very clever mashup between the movies ‘The Shining’ and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. The universe of Wes Anderson meets the world of Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King – Fantastic work!

The Grand Overlook Hotel 1The Grand Overlook Hotel 2The Grand Overlook Hotel 3The Grand Overlook Hotel 4The Grand Overlook Hotel 5


Hot Dogs Gone Wild. Just Because…

Hot Dogs captured in the most unusual situations and places

Hot Dogs: This strange yet interesting ‘IDK about these Hotdogs’ series, created by an anonymous photographer from New York, captures simple hot dogs in the most unusual situations and places, leaving the door open to the most absurd and funny interpretations. Mmmm delicious – Happy Friday! 🙂

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Namie Amuro – Golden Touch

Namie Amuro wants you to place your finger on the screen

Namie Amuro:Golden Touch’ is a very clever and pretty amusing music video by J-pop sensation, Japanese singer Namie Amuro, which asks all viewers to interact with the clip by simply placing their finger in the centre of their desktop/tablet/mobile screen throughout its duration. The effect will astound you so watch NOW. We really LOVE this! 🙂

Namie Amuro 1Namie Amuro 2Namie Amuro 3

Dulk – Antonio Segura Donat’s Amazing Creations

Dulk creates a fantastical world of creatures, fairy tales & landscapes

Dulk: We love the amazing creations of Spanish illustrator and street artist Antonio Segura Donat, aka Dulk, who leads us into a colourful and dreamlike universe of fantastical creatures, fairy tales and surreal landscapes. He has shown his work in England, Germany, Holland, France, Italy and Belgium, where he has recently won a major international award. Dulk’s style is an explosive combination of influences, mixed with a bizarre, burlesque and affectionate touch that makes it compact, direct and very honest. He creates characters and stories based on his own dreams and everyday events, mixing fact and fiction, with a touch of pop surrealism and is one of the leading figures of the Spanish illustration scene. Awesome stuff! 🙂

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